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You choose soaps that are gentle for your family's skin and the earth, you keep your life sustainable, because you care!

You're why we handcraft each artisan soap from our heart and soul using wholesome Canadian ingredients. Each product is as unique and beautiful as you are.

Thank you for caring as much as we do!

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Silk Purse

Created using exotic ingredients like mango seed butter, olive oil, avocado oil, and pomegranate oil, in addition to local ingredients grown right here on Bluenose Mountain. If you are looking for a silky smooth, long-lasting product with all the benefits of specialty oils and butters, Silk Purse is the luxury soap for you!



Created using only naturally derived herbal colorants and steam-distilled essential oils.  Seventy percent of the ingredients in every palm-free bar of soap are grown right here on Bluenose Mountain. When you seek a long lasting product free from synthetic chemicals and additives, Essentials is the natural choice!



Let's support each other! If you are looking for inventory, we have something soapy for you. Whether you would prefer your own label or ours,  6K Soap products meet Health Canada criteria for sale in stores across the country. We also have keepsake options for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and custom gifts. Ask us about your ideas for your upcoming event or retail opening, and we would be glad to make your soap art dreams come true! 

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